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Viking Underwriters

Viking Underwriters was founded to help bring both Retail Agents and Insurance Carriers together and build profitable books of business.  There is good business in every class.  Viking Underwriters takes the time to learn about the insured’s business so we can understand exactly what kind of program your insured requires.  We provide comprehensive underwriting and coverage at competitive prices and commissions.

We recognize that there are accounts that have high hazard exposures, complex coverage issues, or loss sensitive plans that make it hard to place. Viking Underwriters can help. We have markets that have a different approach and will look at underwriting the individual account and not necessarily the class. We have excellent programs for these specialty risks and options to tailor highly customized solutions.

We work with agencies of all sizes and premium volumes to give them access to carriers for worker compensation. We can place main street business, specialty risks such as agriculture and nightclubs and small to large contractors.

Viking Underwriters has a combined experience of over 50 years. We have a history of finding solutions for our partners and building profitable books of business for both our Carriers and our Agents. We believe in a three way partnership approach with the Carrier, Retail Agent and Viking Underwriters to solve complex insurance issues and finding a home for challenging insured needs. By working together, the most challenging of circumstances have been successfully met with innovative solutions placing those “hard to place accounts”.

Large Deductibles, Retrospective rating plans, small and intermediate deductibles and straight guaranteed cost, we have worked with them all. Knowing the intricate details of these plans and our unique approach ensures that we can use them to help you place your accounts. Understanding & experienced in the intricacies of the underwriting process allows us to properly price an account and with your help effectively provide service and value to the coverage.

Let us help you with your next account, ask for either, R. Skylar Rupp or Dona Ramirez. We give each inquiry appropriate consideration and prompt response.

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