construction Risks

Viking Underwriters has Many Markets for Construction Risks:

Viking Underwriters has many carriers that will write construction risk of all sorts. Here is small list of some of the class codes we can write:

Program Class Codes:
5474 — Painting – no work over 2 stories/15 feet
5022 — Masonry work
5213, 5215, 5221 — Concrete work
5403 — Carpentry NOC — No GC’s,
6217 — Excavation Work
6400 – Fence Contractors

Minimum premium is $2,500
No work over 2 stories or 15 ft.
No General Contractors
Subcontractors cannot exceed 20%
No gaps in coverage
Individual class codes will have further underwriting conditions

Submission Requirements:
Completed Acord app
3-5 years currently valued loss runs. No prior can be considered with Resume
Experience mod worksheet, if there is one, is required.

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